7 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Attractive Cork Flooring

When the same old decorative patterns of tile and marbles exhaust you, cork wood, providing the essence of nature is one stupendous alternative for flooring. It is blessed with nature’s magic wand. Cork floors have intrinsic ability to endure heavy traffic of foot, absorb sound, resist moisture and prevent growth of molds. Moreover, people becoming highly concerned with environment and leftover stock of energy, cork is one amazing renewable organic resource.

Whether you buy a new home or renovate your current one, construction pulls in a lot of money, time and effort. Once things get settled in, your priority becomes to use them comfortably for coming many years. Cork floors, with air-filled pores, are cushiony. At the same time they are susceptible to scratches and dents.

It is undesirable to have the attractive visibility lowered by unwanted damage. After all you installed a flooring to make your sweet abode look extraordinary. Apart from making yourself familiarized with ways of cleaning a cork floor, how about you also knowing a few preventive measures to protect it from regrettable disfigurement.

Defend Your Cork Floors against Quick Wear and Tear

Use of window treatments: Usage of drapes, roman shades, blinds and curtains will protect your cork floor from the harmful and strong sun rays. Powerful sunrays can visibly fade its color.

Place a carpet: Nails of your pet and your high heels scrape the surface of cork floor. While the heels can be avoided, what about the cute little pets? Do you need to keep them outside life long? No, just place a fluffy and soft carpet, which will not only protect the floor but ease your feet as well.

Install a vapor barrier: Cork is natural and highly breathable, for which it is vulnerable towards change in moisture content of the air. Cork will expand and contract accordingly with respect to variation in moisture quantity. Thus, to prevent such gaping it is advisable to use underlayment below the cork floor.

Put a door mat: Debris and dirt stick to your shoes and when you walk on the cork flooring with your shoes on, floor surface is abraded. You might think a door mat to be useless, but its usage will to some extent avert the entry of such chafing elements.

Sweep your floor daily: With a broom or vacuum cleaner, it will be good to remove the presence of blemishing debris. If cleaning responsibility on regular basis becomes too much, then least make a target of sweeping twice or thrice a week.

Wet mop the cork floor: Avoid strong solutions, a little bit of white vinegar combined with warm water is sufficient enough to care for your precious cork floor. Else, there are cleansing agents available in the market specifically meant for wooden floors.

Wipe away the excess water: Keep a long water absorbent cloth ready. Not only after mopping but also in case you accidentally spill a drink, immediately wipe away the liquid.

If you have plants inside your room, which has cork floor, place a container under the plant-tub to hold the unneeded water. Daily cleaning of rooms often makes you move furniture. Fix adhesive pads, so that the rough furniture does not destroy the cork surface.

All of the above precautionary measures might seem minimal, but they will aid towards safeguarding your cork flooring to a great extent. If you have found some more solutions then do share it with us.

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