Flooring Accessories in Toronto

Finding the right type of floor is great, but it’s essential that you finish the job with the proper flooring accessories. Choosing the correct accessories for your floor will make sure that it’s well maintained in the long run and that your beautiful hardwood floors aren’t ruined in a year.

No matter what type of floor you choose to go with, its going to be extremely important that you use a quality underlay to apply your flooring to the subfloor. There are many types of underlay available to meet your specific needs. Some include sound proofing benefits which are great for apartments and some are damp proof as well. Do not attach your great new flooring with low quality underlay or you’ll eventually end up needing to replace it again.

Another flooring accessory to look into is profiles to help disguise edges or pipe holes that can be quite unpleasant to look at. You can choose from skirtings, scotias, radiator pipe covers, and more for laminate and hardwood profiles. For carpet profiles, look into door bar or carpet grippers just to name a couple.

In order to properly care for you floors, we recommend looking into a flooring maintenance kit that comes with almost everything you will need to care for your floors. By caring for your floors with the proper flooring accessories, you can save money by not having to hire any repairmen to do costly repairs or have to replace your floors completely.

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