Acclimatization – Something to Be Done Before Hardwood Installation

It is good when your hired contractor or floor installer gives importance to acclimate hardwood flooring before installation. But, while acclimation is indispensably important, it is more mandatory to verify the moisture content of the concerned placed. Otherwise, your wait for the tenure of acclimatization, in hope of obtaining flawless top floor will pummel down on witnessing undesirable splits or gaps with seasonal change.

The Concept of Acclimatization

With acclimation the hardwood flooring planks and strips get adjusted to the presence of moisture in the particular environment where it is meant to be installed. Flooring experts insist, it is wise to check unnecessary moisture before the wooden flooring materials are brought into the room.

Other construction phases which deal with wet products, like cement or paint, should not only be completed but also appropriately dried before bringing the hardwood flooring. Thus, your contractor will likely keep top floor installation at the end of the list.

Why is often HVAC linked to acclimatization?

To begin with HVAC is the acronym used for an energy system, which has all the three facilities of heating, ventilation and air condition integrated within itself. A proficient floor installer ensures that the relative humidity of the place is agreeing with required standard. For concrete floors or any construction site that has excessive moisture, steps are taken to dehumidify the place with HVAC. You will be advised to keep air conditioning and heating highly active, five days ahead the flooring material supplier drops in the hardwood bundles.

What demands so much precaution?

The heavenly hardwood flooring you ordered besides is a stunner, but might cause you some distress. Being natural, wood is responsive to moisture. It will expand and accordingly contract with change in humidity. Expertise of contractors and floor installers is something you can unarguably depend on. But in case you want to find out a little more, as the home is yours, you can also surf and learn a lot on this topic.

Some Suggested Precautionary Measures:

  • Your home has doors and windows for apposite flow of air.
  • The drainage systems are set and functioning.
  • Heating or air conditioning systems are running.
  • Know the exact type of wood you have availed.
  • Comprehend the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Wood materials, especially the tropical species will take quite some time to acclimate. While many say three days are enough, your contractor may opt for one or two weeks of acclimatization. The less the difference in moisture content between sub floor and hardwood top floor, lower will be the tendency to reach equilibrium. Chances of gapping and splitting are thus reduced.

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