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How Safe Is Bamboo Flooring That Contains Formaldehyde?

Bamboo flooring is well known for its eco-friendliness, sustainability and durability. However, most manufacturers of bamboo floors use a urea-formaldehyde resin for the lamination process. While formaldehyde is known to have various health hazards, there is a lot of misleading information regarding formaldehyde in bamboo flooring online. Here we’ll explore the question of safety when it comes to using bamboo flooring containing formaldehyde in your home. What is Formaldehyde? First off, let’s Read more [...]

A Buyer’s Guide to the Different Types of Bamboo Flooring – Part I

As an environment-friendly and renewable resource of flooring, bamboo is a popular choice among many homeowners. If you’re planning to install bamboo flooring in your home, it’s important that you the options available to make the right choice. There are various grain types, colours, textures and installation methods to choose from when it comes to bamboo flooring. Grain Types There are 3 types of bamboo flooring grain choices. Each caters to different requirements. Strand-Woven Bamboo: Read more [...]