The Comfort You Own with Engineered Floors

‘Engineered’, explicitly denotes utility bettered with human intellect. Engineered flooring offers you the charm of solid wood with enhanced structural endurance. Floors treated completely with solid wooden planks are quite expensive. Flooring materials derived solely from hard wood demand an entire tree. This, in turn, increases the investment at your end. On the other hand, engineered flooring planks are composite products, where only the visible layer consists of hardwood veneer.

How engineered floors are obtained?

Planks framed with improved engineered technique consist of multiple layers. A thin layer of wood is used at the bottom, which supports and holds the rest of the constituting elements. The next layer is made up of many plywood plies adhered together. The core layer is followed by the visible layer, which is pure hardwood. But, as by now you can understand, unlike hard wood planks the engineered planks contain a thin layer of solid wood over the man-made base. This layer is further coated with protective finishes to resist dirt, stains and abrasions. The bottom, core and visible layers are stacked to provide the planks structural stability.

All about Engineered Flooring

  • Having the touch of nature, the visible layer is available in countless variety. Needless to mention, the superior texture of grains found in hard wood floors is also captured breathtakingly in engineered floors too. There are tons of designs and colors to choose for your home or office.
  • While wood being breathable gets influenced with change in weather and moisture content. Gapping splits or shrinks hard wood planks with increase and decrease of moisture in the atmosphere. But the structural compatibility of engineered plank makes it more resistant to the effects of humidity.
  • The solid wood veneer used in engineered flooring planks commonly are Hard Maple, Bamboo, Red and White Oak. Dark, light or hint of blue, engineered floors will inarguably fit with any desired decor.
  • To facilitate heightened appearance to your floors, the engineered hard wood planks are hammered to give them the exclusive rustic look. The extent of beautification doesn’t end here. Presence of terrific straight vertical grains can be acquired through superior efforts of rift and quarter sawn.
  • The distressed planks inevitably add class to your space. Quite obviously, any kind of degradation is like a blow to your expectation. Maintenance of engineered floors is absolutely easy; regular sweeping and moping is all you need to do.
  • For unwanted situations of blemishes, engineered floors can be sanded, refinished or replaced. The stubborn and ugly stains from an accidental spillage on particular plank will not require total replacement. Just a single plank can be substituted.

This kind of flooring is defensive against moisture as they are finished with Treffert aluminum oxide and dura-luster plus urethane. The best thing about their installation is that the planks require neither gluing nor nailing.

Are you worried on their maintenance? Look nowhere else; you will also find our post on how to take care of engineered flooring in our blog section.

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