Cork- The Best Flooring Solution You Can Avail

Cork is pure bliss from nature’s bounty. Harvested from the bark of oak tree, it is absolutely natural. Unlike traditional methods, to obtain cork, the entire tree is not cut down. Instead the bark is grazed from outside, such that the layers grow back with passing time. Cork, therefore, is gaining recognition as one tremendous source of renewable energy. These factors matter, because people these days are worried about global warming and tend to opt for products which are environment friendly.

While manufacturing cork, the natural color of wood can be kept intact or tinted to obtain variation in shades. You can easily match any variety of cork with your existing home décor and install it in living room, dining area, hallway, entrance, bathroom and other interior spaces.

What Makes Cork the Affirmative Choice?

There are many ways your query can be justified. To begin with let’s take into consideration the composition of cork flooring.

Instinctive Strength of Cork

  • Cork derived directly from oak or wine stoppers is robust in nature, for which they are highly sustainable to high-traffic areas.
  • They are versatile enough to be installed at home, office, restaurant or any institution.

Easy to Replace or Repair

  • The substantial nature makes it usable for many years.
  • But, in case you find the same flooring too much to bear with, cork can be replaced or repaired without any hassle.

Softness and Elasticity

  • Even though it is sustainable, cork has exceptional cellular composition.
  • The cells of cork are filled with gaseous material which makes it soft in texture and comfortable to the feet of the walkers.
  • Cork is elastic in nature. It will stretch and compress as required.

Presence of Suberin  

  • Cork contains suberin – a water-repellent substance like wax.
  • Suberin makes cork resistant to moisture and protects it from insects, bacteria and manifestation of other micro-organisms.
  • This makes cork ideal for people who are easily susceptible to allergies.
  • Cork does not release harmful gas when burned and suberin additionally protects its tissues from fire.

Cork as an Insulator

  • Populous places are troubled with unnecessary noise. Cork flooring will guard your family and assist your employees to concentrate better in work, by blocking transmission of sound from one floor to another.
  • Cork floor is energy efficient. It releases heat and keeps you warm during winters.

Available in the Form of Tiles

Cork is available in the form of tiles. The surface on which you will implant the tiles should be moisture-free. You can easily fix the cork tiles with the help of appropriate adhesive.

How to maintain and protect your newly installed cork flooring?

Don’t let these thoughts worry you. Cork floor won’t make you pay extra bucks or give unnecessary labour for maintenance. There are just few particulars which you need to consider.

  • Immediately wipe away spills because cork floor tends to absorb moisture.
  • Perform simple vacuum cleaning to remove dirt and protect the floor from any type of scratch or abrasion.
  • Avoid wet mopping and stick to damp mop. Remains of water will gravely damage the floor build-up.
  • Use only mild cleansers and stain-removers. Strong cleaners will cause blotches and eventually damage the thin upper-layer.

With multiple benefits, cork flooring will not only make your home appealing but survive in wholesome manner. Use suitable coverings on windows to protect the floor from harmful sunrays. Polishing cork floor with polyurethane or wax will further guard it from daily abrasion.

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