Is Cork the Right Kind of Flooring for Your Home?

Offering you sound absorption, warmth, easy maintenance together with underfoot comfort, cork has always been an eco-friendly, smart flooring choice for most of today’s homeowners. Is this the right choice for your home?

As a part of our ongoing quest to make your homes more beautiful than they already are, the question of what to install underfoot often is an important one. While for some people, gleaming oak is an option for others it is salvaged pine planks or the Mediterranean kind tiles. Cork flooring is something that has recently gained popularity.

Proving to be an attractive alternative to hardwood, tiles or carpeting cork flooring is increasingly gaining popularity among households. Why? Here is the answer.

  1. It’s sustainable – Cork flooring is made from the cast-offs of cork wine-stopper manufacturing. The cork is itself generated from the bark of the cork oak tree, native to Spain and Portugal. Once harvested, the bark is regenerated and can be trimmed again in 9 years’ time, ensuring the tree keeps healthy.
  2. It’s comfortable – Soft underfoot and warm to the touch, cork flooring has always been a pleasure to walk on, even on the coldest of winter nights. It is an easy choice for workspaces, kitchens and anywhere you want to stand for long periods of time.
  3. It’s durable – Cork flooring has been used for years in public buildings like libraries, museums and churches proving that it can actually withstand regular foot traffic. Most dents will fill themselves in all over again, much in the same way with which a cork-wine stopper expands after it is removed from the bottle of the neck.
  4. It’s versatile – With colors ranging from vibrant rainbow hues to wood tones, cork can come to complement almost any décor. Though few homeowners opt for the natural option, it allows for the natural grain patters to take up center stage. You can also play with colors, creating classic checkerboards or yet other elaborate configurations.
  5. It’s sound-absorbent – Cork comes with acoustic properties, making it a natural choice for homes prone to echoing, music rooms and other apartment buildings with strict sound maintenance guidelines. Cork also comes with thermal properties, as it helps maintain room temperature and reduces heat loss in winter.

Cork flooring can be availed in two different styles – tiles are installed with the aid of adhesives, and floating floors with a click-and-lock system. Most people feel that click and lock installation is simpler; this is more pronounced in tiles. It is on the home owner to choose, which one he/she wants to use in his/her home.

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