Delivery Information

We don’t ship products with our own transportation. However, we can always recommend reliable transport companies who can ship your products on our behalf. Please refer to our delivery guidelines for further rules and regulations.

Delivery guidelines

  1. Flooring material will be delivered to the curb-side or garage, only if it’s accessible.
  2. Interior home deliveries are made (main floor only) for an additional $1 per carton.
  3. Delivery payments are to be given to the driver.
  4. Expect your shipment to arrive during the weekdays. (We don’t ship on Sundays)
  5. All claims for shortage or any kind damage must be made upon receipt of the product. Make sure to run a quick check on the product before you sign the confirmation. We encourage you to make a note of any signs of visible damage and mention it on the delivery confirmation at the time of signing.
  6. Additional shipping costs for any kind of exchange or replacement is to be paid by the customer.

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