Everything You Wanted to Know about Bamboo Flooring

It’s true that bamboo is not like other kinds of hardwood. It does have a hard surface however, and provides several colour options. With the knotty look of the planks, bamboo flooring offers a unique look and feel. Beautiful, durable and completely natural – this eco-friendly product is very popular in many homes.

Let’s take a peek at some of the facts about bamboo flooring that make it popular that you need to know:

  1. Moso Bamboo: There are many variants of bamboo that can be used for flooring. However, Moso bamboo is the hardest and the most popular.
  2. Environment-friendliness: Bamboo is a grass which means its highly renewable. It only takes seven years to fully mature compared to hardwood which can take up to 50 years. This is why it’s such a favourite among environmentally-conscious people.
  3. Stability: Bamboo is cut, then stripped and planed, then treated with a heat press. It is harvested and assembled just like any other hardwood. For stability, adhesive is applied on the planks, while the top layer is added for ensuring durability and resiliency.
  4. Colour scheme: Being lightweight, bamboo planks can be stained to be any shade. This means your colour options are extensive and can match your tastes.
  5. Cost-friendly: Because bamboo grows more quickly and is more abundant than hardwood, planks are cheaper to produce.
  6. Contemporary look: This kind of flooring oozes a contemporary vibe and can go well with modern homes.
  7. Easy installation: Bamboo planks are easy to install, the interlocking joints make it simple. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

Bamboo flooring is a great option for modern homes, but it isn’t without its cons. Here are two things you need to know commit to a bamboo floor.

  1. Bamboo floors are susceptible to moisture. Make sure you only use a dry mop or damp cloth for cleaning.
  1. Bamboo floors warp easily. Atmospheric humidity of your room should not be too high or too low. It needs to be stable. Otherwise, if the moisture content is too high, then bamboo flooring tends to expand and warp. On the other hand, excessive dryness can cause the flooring to shrink, causing gaps between planks.

Most of the quality bamboo products that are used for flooring originated in China or other regions of Asia. However, Canadians are quickly becoming fans of bamboo floors.

Bamboo flooring can be great for your place. The interiors will get a posh and classy look and if maintained well, this sophistication and aura of refinement of a bamboo floor can last for years.

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