I have pets at home. Is hardwood flooring a good option for me?

If you have pets at home, hardwood floors are not really a good option for you unless you are able to restrict the movements of your pet. Hardwood floors are most vulnerable to stains and scratches from claws of pets. Also animal urine may cause floors to stain. It is best to look for other options like laminates or vinyl for floors that are more scratch and stain resistant if you have pets at home.

Are rugs good for floors?

Rugs are excellent for every kind of flooring. They add style and rev up the décor of an interior in an instant in addition to being a protective cover. However, where you place the rug is crucial. It is good to place rugs in areas with more footfalls. But make sure to choose a rug that is non-staining or it may bleed and leave stains on the floor. Also remove rug and clean periodically to avoid accumulation of dust and discoloration of wood in that area.

Can engineered wood flooring be refinished after few years of installation?

Yes. Engineered wood floors can be refinished. This process of sanding and finishing can be done twice or thrice for as long as the floor lasts. But it is recommended that you do so with help from professionals who can assess the damage and work upon it accordingly.

How is hardwood and engineered wood flooring different from each other?

  • Hardwood floors are usually one single piece of wood which is almost an inch thick, while engineered wood has at least two or more layers of wood that are affixed together with the top layer being a wood veneer and lower layers being either board, HDF, plywood, solid wood, etc.
  • Hardwood is more expensive than engineered wood.
  • Hardwood needs to be installed with specifications and on particular surfaces while engineered wood floors can be installed almost anywhere and everywhere.
  • Hardwood is 100% eco-friendly, while the toxicity of glues, adhesives, fixtures used to make engineered wood determine its eco-friendliness.
  • There is almost no difference in the appearance of the two because both have wood surfaces on the top.

Is there anything that I can place under furniture to protect my flooring?

Felt pads for furniture legs are easily available. It is recommended to use these felt pads under every kind of furniture. This prevents scratches caused from friction between the two. These pads are available in different sizes applicable to suit the requirements of various furniture. You can simply place them or affix them to the furniture.

What flooring is ideal for kitchens and toilets?

Kitchens and toilets are areas that are more exposed to moisture, humidity and spillages. The flooring that you select for these spaces have to be moisture resistant while adding aesthetic appeal at the same time. Laminates, vinyl, tiles are some great floor options for these places. Also it would help to place towels and wet mats wherever possible to protect the floor. Spillages should also be mopped up immediately.

How do I remove scratches from my floor?

Removing scratches from floors can be a simple or daunting task depending entirely upon the type of scratches. If they are light and not too deep, you can get rid of them with the help of a touch up kit available at most flooring stores or you can order one online after verifying the source of supply. Remember to test the contents of the kit on small area to check for reactions before you actually use it. If the scratches are deeper and refuse to go away, you need to hire professional help to get them removed, who will evaluate the amount of damage done and accordingly recommend replacement or repairs.

Can you repair my existing hardwood floor?

Yes. We can repair your existing hardwood floor, but only after proper scrutiny and evaluation of damage.

Which kind of floor is recommended for homes with asthmatics?

Hardwood floors are best for homes whose residents are asthmatics. Being a completely natural element, wood is eco-friendly and prevents accumulation of dust mites in floor coverings. Bedding, curtains and upholsteries are other common places that become home to allergens that can be washed and laundered. But it is not possible to change or clean flooring as frequently, in which case hardwood or solid woods are the best.

What are the health benefits with hardwood flooring?

Hardwood floors have several health benefits that arise from the fact that wood is completely a natural substance. It has no side effects as there is nothing artificial about it. It is resistant to collection of dust, pollen and other allergens allowing it to maintain a pollution free air at home.

Is it normal for wooden floors to change colors?

Wood is a natural substance and can be affected by environmental factors like sunlight, heat, rain, water, etc. If a certain part of the wooden flooring is more exposed to any of these factors than other areas, then it is quite possible for that area to either lighten or even darken in some cases depending on the type of wood.

How do I maintain my wooden flooring?

  • It is necessary to clean wood floors regularly and vacuuming is one of the best options. Try wrapping a soft cloth around the hose to prevent scratches on the floor. You can also choose to sweep.
  • Clean with floor cleaning kits at once in a month.
  • Make sure that you wipe spills as soon as possible. You can mop off the excess and then wipe the space clear with a soft damp cloth. Spills if allowed to remain can permeate into the lower levels making it more prone to damage.
  • Avoid exposure of your wooden floors to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid walking with high heels and dirty shoes on wooden floors.

What damages hardwood flooring?

  • Wooden flooring is extremely durable and easy to maintain. In addition to periodic cleaning you have to ensure minimal scratches. You need to check your shoes for dirt, dust and grime that may dirty the floor.
  • Avoid spills and in case of any you need to wipe out in an instant.
  • You can use cleaning agents meant especially for wooden floors available with floor stores to keep your floor looking new. Avoid using any wax or polish that promises to impart enviable shine to your floors. Also make sure that you use genuine cleaning products on the floor. Also avoid ammonia based cleaners.

Is it common for hardwood floors to expand and contract?

Yes. It is common for hardwood floors to expand and contract. Hardwood floors are made of pure timber that is completely natural making it very responsive to climatic changes. In winters, when there is dryness in air it may expand and vice versa. Also the presence of under floor heating system affects the flooring. This can be controlled by installing humidifiers that regulate the moisture levels in your home.

Which flooring is ideal for my home?

Since options for floors are huge, you need to consider a few factors before you choose one. You can have a combination of diverse flooring across the house instead of sticking to one. You can chose from hardwood, engineered, laminate, vinyl, carpet, carpet tiles, etc. Some factors that you ought to think of before you decide are:

  • Which room
  • Area that shall be exposed to wear and tear elements like footfall, sunlight, dust, etc.
  • Budget
  • Interior décor of house or room
  • Pets at home
  • Cleaning schedules
  • Floor level
  • Personal taste

What are the different ways of installation flooring?

Different methods of installation apply to various kinds of floors. It is best to avail expert advice to understand which method is best suited for the kind of floor you choose simultaneously keeping in mind the sub-flooring.

How do I know how much hardwood flooring do I need to buy?

In order to know the quantity of material you need to buy for your floors, you first have to accurately measure the room where you are planning to install. This measurement has to be in square footage. You need to add an additional 5% to that to allow for cutting, wastage, damages, irregularities in design, etc. when you buy hardwood.

My floors squeak. Is this ok?

Squeaking floors are a result of reaction of the sub floors and top flooring. This is common especially for wooden floors that choose to respond to fluctuating levels of humidity leading the wood to expand or contract.

On what different surfaces can hardwood flooring be installed?

Advanced hardwood and engineered wooden flooring options can be fixed on concrete slabs but only after the concrete has been treated well and prepared for this kind of floors. The procedure involves various steps that start with sealing a plastic barrier with tapes on every side of the flooring. A moisture resistant wood subfloor is built over this and then the final floor is installed. Underlayment is a very crucial factor.

In case you are thinking of fixing a wooden floor on vinyl one, then you have to make sure that the vinyl is well fixed as that serves as an underlayment. Whatever you opt for it is important that you seek professional help and advice for the purpose.

I have recently installed wood flooring in my house and I have noticed cracks at some places. Is this ok?

Wood is a natural element and extreme temperatures lead to differences in its textures. In winters or when the weather is dry, wood has an inherent nature to dry because it loses its natural oils and causes cracks to appear. While in summer months when there is natural moisture, the cracks will disappear on their own accord.

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