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Floors are a permanent part of residential and commercial spaces, and form an important aspect of interior designing. They set up the space and impart a distinctive look to the building, setting the mood of the place.

When chosen wisely, flooring can up the glam quotient of your home and office, lasting you many years, and in some cases even increase the value of your building.

For centuries the wealthiest of the wealthy have enjoyed the benefits and elegance of lavishly carved hardwood flooring in their rich, plush homes, where craftsmen would work away on a single floor for years, crafting the wood expertly by hand. For the common man, wood flooring meant rough planks put together by hand, smoothened only by foot traffic over a period of time. But today, the flooring scenario has changed and it is nothing like it used to be even about a hundred years back.

The industrial revolution and the invention of the side-matcher revolutionized the installation process and also made wood flooring available and affordable for all. The flooring options we see today have come a long way, with a variety of installation, finishing, colour and textures available with manufacturers and installers.

With the advancement in the flooring industry came the need to innovate, and manufacturers over the world came up with flooring options like engineered hardwood and laminate flooring. The newer kind of flooring is durable and comes in a wide range of colors and textures and some of them are more affordable than the classic hardwood floors.

From exotic hardwoods that are available in different stains, coatings and finishes, elegant laminates and durable engineered hardwood options to au courant sustainable options like cork and bamboo flooring, the choices are endless today.

The different options can be confusing with different flooring types being suitable for certain kinds of lifestyles and maintenance options. The volume of foot traffic is also an important aspect to consider when choosing the right kind of flooring types.

In this Flooring Guide we have put together everything there is to know when choosing the flooring for your home, office or commercial space. It is an investment you are about to make, and with a comprehensive body of flooring information we have endeavored to ease your decision making process.

Hardwood Canada offers an extensive range of flooring options along with accessories for your home and commercial spaces. Please browse through the different pages in this guide for everything you ever wanted to know about flooring and we are sure it will help you make the perfect choice for your dream space.

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