Sustainable Flooring options – Cork

Client demand in the past few years has prompted a shift towards environmentally sustainable and green flooring options all over Canada, and a report generated by the Canada Green Building Council suggests that we are moving towards green construction steadily. With the change in demand, has come newer trends in supply, and today we have sustainable flooring options that come with a large number of health benefits, both for the client and the earth.

At Hardwood Canada, we have endless choices in sustainable flooring options in bamboo and cork flooring, each of which comes with its own set of benefits, without compromising on quality, durability, strength, colour options, and the variety of options.

Cork Flooring

Grown in the Mediterranean regions of Europe and parts of northern Africa, cork is the bark of the cork oak tree. It is one of the most sustainable options available to today’s buyers when it comes to flooring. Traditionally cork has had its use in wine bottles when Dom Perignon wedged the first champagne bottle to seal the flavor in. The theory might be disputed but nevertheless never takes away the fizz from the story.

Cork is a sustainable material through and through beginning from its harvesting. The cork oak tree is allowed to grow for 25 years before the harvesting is done. 50% of the bark is extracted from the tree, leaving a protective layer for the tree to recuperate and keep growing. The harvesting cycle is 9 years, enough time for the bark of the tree to grow fully back to its mature state.

High visual appeal

Cork flooring has a distinctive visual appeal, because of the intricate grains of the material. There are various shades of cork flooring available with flooring companies, and because of the inherent texture of cork, you’ll find very different designs on each plank. No one plank or tile is similar to each other, creating a distinctive and dignified floor in your home or your office.

Excellent Insulating and acoustic properties

Each cubic inch of cork contains 100 million cells filled with air, a characteristic that makes cork a perfect flooring option for harsh climatic conditions. The air within the layers of cork makes cork the only flooring material that can provide natural thermal insulation in your home. It makes it a non-conductor of heat, helping keep the interiors of a building warm in winter, and keeping it cool in the summers.

Natural insulation within your home would help reduce your energy expenditure drastically. Adding cork flooring on a cement subfloor even without underfloor heating provides an insulating effect, keeping utility bills low all round the year.

The air pockets also help reduce noise and make this flooring option perfect for heavy traffic areas and offices. If you are looking to soothe your tired feet at the end of the day, and prefer walking bare feet at home, this is the kind of flooring you want. It is impact resistant and also provides more warmth to the feet than other flooring options.

Competitive prices

If you are looking for really inexpensive options in monetary terms, you may find the price of cork flooring quite steep. But that is only the initial investment. When you consider the health benefits of this sustainable flooring option, and the subsequent reduced utility bills, the prices are competitive. Most traditional flooring options are priced around the same range and given the added benefits of cork, it turns out to be a great investment for the building. It also reduces the footprint on nature, making it the flooring choice for the future.

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