Accessories – In this case, additions made for adornment of floors

Above Grade – Refers to areas that are above the ground or basement areas

Below Grade – Lowest surface of a structure, building or home, usually referring to flooring of basement

Boards – Long and thin piece of wood used for flooring or building purposes

Carpet Grippers – Pre-nailed underlays to prevent carpet movements

Cork Flooring – Made from cork oak wood, this flooring ideal to diffuse sounds

Commercial Flooring – Flooring for commercial spaces like shops, stores, industries, factories, etc.

Door Bar – Exit hardware attached to doors to aid movement

Engineered Flooring – Engineered wood flooring consisting of two or more layers of wood with the innermost layer made of either plywood, high density fiberboard or hardwood

Fibers – Components, natural or artificial used to create other materials like paper, wood, etc.

Hardwood Flooring – Wooden material created from timber either structural or aesthetic purely to fulfill flooring purposes

Hypoallergenic – Unlikely to cause an allergic reaction

Laminate – Multi-layered synthetic flooring created by fusion through lamination. Simulates wood or stone with a protective appliqué layer for finish

Masking Tape – Adhesive tape used to cover areas where painting is not wanted

Penny Tiles – Made of porcelain, ceramic or glass, penny tiles are very small tiles used to decorate wet areas, viz. bathrooms, kitchens, pools, etc.

Pre-Finished Flooring – Ready to install flooring complete with sanding and sealing with thick layers of protective coating

Pneumatic Flooring Nails – Special Nails used to fasten flooring

Residential Flooring – Flooring for living spaces like homes

Recycled Wine Stoppers – Wine stoppers that are punched out of cork oak wood, are recycled to create cork flooring ideal to diffuse sounds

Radiator Pipe Covers – These a coverings to keep away the potential hazards of heated radiator pipes

Skirting – Wooden board at the lowest part of wall to cover the merging point of wall and floor

Scotia – Trim piece of wood or decorative moulding used to cover the gap left after installing flooring outside of the room

Suberin – an inert impervious waxy substance present in the cell walls of corky tissues, present in all kinds of corks

Sanding and Finishing – Sanding is a process of refining or protecting a wooden surface

Underlayment – Thin yet hard layer of wood or cement board upon which the main flooring rests

Unfinished Flooring – Custom flooring that allows choice of user at every stage right from installation to finishing on site

Veneers – Decorative layer of fine wood over other coarser surfaces

Vapour Barrier Paper – Mechanically fastened water resistant material to prevent damage from moisture or water

Wooden Putty – Substance or wooden dust combined with binder used to fill in wood to hide perfections before finishing

Wooden Planks – Flat, elongated, rectangular pieces of timber often used for flooring purposes

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