Hardwood Floors Can Help You Breathe Better

Suffering from seasonal allergies is no fun. While everyone is out enjoying the warm weather, you’re stuck attending to skin rashes, eye irritation, a stuffy nose or a bad cough.

A place that should be a refuge from allergies is your home. Air purifiers help to an extent, but if you have shaggy carpets it won’t amount to much. With their long fibers, carpets trap allergens. Thankfully, there is a flooring alternative. Hardwood flooring is an excellent option if you’d like an allergy-free home.

Water-free Cleaning

One of the downsides of installing a hardwood floor is that, it can become warped or damaged if exposed to too much moisture. This is a benefit in disguise if you suffer from allergies. You see, dampness and moisture makes allergies worse. Instead of water and a mop, hardwood is cleaned with an organic cleanser. With no harsh chemicals or water used for cleaning, you’ll be on your way to making your home allergy-free.

The Type of Finishing Is Important

When talking about allergies, consumers should look for quality flooring options that have urethane finishing. This finish ensure the wood will last a long time and keeps it from dust build ups. Urethane is a crystalline and synthetic compound, which is used for manufacturing fungicides and pesticides. So, not only will your flooring be allergy-free, but termite free as well.

Hardwood flooring enables asthmatics and respiratory sensitive individuals to live a more comfortable life. Plus, it looks amazing. Maintenance is simple and easy, just vacuum and mop with an organic cleanser and your home will be free from allergens.

So, when summer rolls around, you won’t have to worry about your allergies if you have a hardwood floor installed. Until you go outside that is. Make the change today!

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