Luxury or Laminate Vinyl Tile – Which is the Best Option for You

Have you ever wondered how luxury and laminate vinyl tiles compete with each other as flooring solutions and which is the right one for you? After all, in a world of hard-surface flooring, laminate flooring has made real importance in every household. Also, LVT is a part of what is called “resilient flooring” including rubber flooring and sheet-vinyl.

Now, let us compare LVT and laminate flooring to help you decide which the right option is.

What are the similarities?

  • Both of these have durability and cost advantages over other solid-surface flooring including stone, ceramic and hardwood.
  • Both LVT and laminate are lookalikes of any natural surfaces like stone or wood, together with other types.
  • Both of these are easy to maintain than any ordinary tile or wood flooring. For example, engineered or hardwood might need refinishing, while some tile files will need re-grouting or re-sealing.
  • Both the floors can be installed by a homemaker with the right set of tools and instructions or professionally by a team.
  • Both the floors can allow repairs by replacement of any damaged tile or plank.
  • Both of these have layers.

How are they different?

  • The make of the floors is different. Laminate floors are made of layers. In fact the primary layer is made out of high-density fiberboard, allowing the board for its strength and rigidity. LVT also is made in layers, with PVC Vinyl as the primary component, while also being flexible and stable.
  • The installation technique is different too. Laminate flooring is a floating floor system and it must never be glued or nailed down to the floor. Most LVT products bring you a floating-floor appeal after installation, though most people tend to disagree. LVT is installed traditionally like a glue-down system by the application of separate adhesives or the use of peel-and-stick planks and tiles.
  • The feel is different. Laminate flooring is made primarily out of wood. LVT, made out of vinyl, feels like plastic.
  • Stains and flame are handled differently. Laminate flooring is mostly resistant to staining and is not damaged by minimal flame exposure. For e.g. If a piece of hot ember is tossed through a fireplace it will not make much difference. LVTs, on the other hand, are very susceptible to staining and are easily damaged by exposure to fire.

LVT flooring and laminate flooring are both really great options to any home owners. Which is better? This depends solely on the needs of your home. A wise choice saves you future expenses or hassles and fetches admiration too.

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