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Flooring options have flooded the market, making it quite overwhelming for consumers to decide and choose what is best for their space. At the same time different spaces have different requirements making it imperative for you to bear in mind the area for which you are choosing the floors. Also availability of hundreds of designs, finishes, colors, can be pretty confusing. However, here we attempt to help you make it easier to choose a floor, by considering a few key factors.

Hardwood Flooring

  1. Have a clear mind:

To start with a flooring installation process, you first need to clear your mind of all presumptions that you have in mind. It is important that you start on a clean slate so that you can approach the entire thing with fresh ideas.

  1. Budget:

Depending on the area that you wish to cover, it is important you take approximate measurements and create a budget as to how much you are willing to and afford to spend. Take a good hard look at your floor and decide what kind of treatment it exactly needs and gear up for the expenditure accordingly. When you are preparing an estimate for flooring expenses, you also need to create a provision for additional and unforeseen expenses like accessories, mouldings, transport, etc.

  1. Decide which room:

Every room has special requirements. So you need to decide which floor are you going to go with first and what option is best suited for that room. To elucidate this, you need to understand the needs of bathroom flooring are different from that of living room or bedroom. Similarly entrances, hallways, offices, kitchens, kids’ rooms all have diverse requirements. You ought to decide the flooring based on what the functionality of the room is.

  1. Wear and tear:

Floorings of different rooms have varied levels of usage resulting in wear and tear that is specific to that room alone. For example bathroom floors are more subject to moisture, while kitchen floors are more prone to spillages. Living rooms, hallways and entrances exposed to more footfalls than any other area of the house. So this is an important factor that you need to consider while choosing flooring, with durability being one of the key features.

  1. Heating:

Since the climate is pretty extreme in winters, you need to make sure that the flooring you install offers adequate heating to keep rooms warm. Remember that underfloor heating works well only with certain types of flooring. It is best to avail professional advice on this front before you finally decide upon flooring options.

  1. Professional installation:

When you are on your way to choose appropriate flooring, you can either opt for highly skilled professional installations or go for a DIY project. The level of skill required would again govern your choice of flooring while knowing how much of it you can do yourself and how much of professional help you need.

As a broad classification, you can choose from vinyl, laminate and hardwood flooring. These are especially good for concrete, stone, tiled or marbled flooring. Carpets or carpet tiles are also a good option for formal areas and can be installed on almost any kind of flooring. Keeping in mind the above factors will help you pick the apt flooring!

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