Preventive Maintenance for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring continues to be a preferred choice for people across Canada. It is expensive as compared to other flooring options yet is popular. People opt for hardwood mainly because of its durability and easy maintenance. These floors can last a lifetime if properly taken care of. Preventive maintenance is always better than repairs and replacements as they can lead to exceptionally high costs. Check out how you can look after your wooden flooring.

  • Regular cleaning

A periodic cleaning regime is an important part of preventive maintenance. You need to either vacuum or sweep the floor to keep it clear from all kinds of dust and dirt a few times in a week if not daily. This may sound a little tedious but pays rich dividends in the long run. This however greatly depends on where your house is located and how dust prone it is. Some houses located near busy traffic areas attract more dust as compared to the ones those are located farther.

  • Wipe spills immediately

It is important that you wipe of any kind of spills on hardwood in an instant because it may causes stubborn stains. If you allow the spill to remain, it may seep into deeper layers of the floor damaging and staining it, making it tough for you to repair it.

  • Using hardwood cleaner

Most flooring stores and home improvement centers stock hardwood cleaning agents that help in appropriate cleaning of such floors. These come with complete instructions about usage and are pretty easy to use. You can choose either to spray the floor directly or damp a soft cloth with it and then use it to clean the floor.

  • Polish your floor regularly

Many hardwood floors are polished with wax for extra shine and finish. Waxing at regular intervals will leave your floor looking new and will also get rid of minor scratches that appear over a period of time. It is important that you read the directions for usage before actually using one to avoid side effects.

  • Avoid soap and water

It is best to steer clear of soap and water solutions and other common cleaning agents to protect hardwood floors. On the contrary you may actually end up harming the floor because wood is vulnerable to water damage. Water can permeate into deeper levels and cause the wood to swell, discolor or deformation.

  • Prevent scratches

Scratches caused by furniture are quite common. You can use felt pads beneath furniture legs, especially the ones like chairs that are moved often to avoid friction that leads to scratches. Similarly claws of pets and high heels also cause nicks on the surface of wood. So best to avoid walking on hardwood with heels and restrict pet movement to prevent damage.

  • Avoid direct sunlight

Install window coverings to avoid direct sunlight on hardwood floors. The harsh UV rays of the sun can cause wood to discolor, deform or change shape.

  • Add rugs and entrance mats

Place rugs in areas where there is high foot traffic. Also you need to place entrance mats and dirt scrapers to minimize the dust and dirt entering the house.

With these simple preventive techniques you can add years to the life of hardwood floors.

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