Cork Floor

Cork floors are often seen in churches or in schools, and now in residential homes. One of the chief reasons for installing a cork floor is because of its versatility and usual soft texture.

Why choose Cork floorings?

Rigidness: Cork floors account for great durability and strength that can withstand high foot traffic. They can last decades and can be easily repaired.

Comfort: Comfort is perhaps one of the key factors which make cork floors a popular choice. It’s generally used in places where there is a heavy traffic and the presence of a cork floor imparts the feeling of having a soft blanket under your feet.

Elasticity: Cork floors have great elasticity and are highly compressible. Owing to their elastic nature, they are also capable of stretching and returning to their original.

Noise Resistant: Cork floors reduce the transmission of sounds and vibrations owing to their composition of miniature cells. Cork floors are a popular choice for music, recording studios and libraries where minimal noise is needed.

Hypo–allergic: Cork floors are hypo-allergic as they contain Suberin within their composition.

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