Top-grade Laminate Flooring Choices in Toronto

As a substitute of pure wood flooring options, laminate flooring options are a rage with people in Canada. A layered construction, laminate floors have resin, as the inner most component and have simulated wood or stone as the top layer which is again coated with a protective clear layer, which give it a finished look. This construction involves compression of various layers by lamination hence the name. Fusion of several layers imparts massive strength to the flooring. In addition to affordability, extensive choice in styles and colors has made it very popular. Hardwood Canada deals with major brands producing Laminate Flooring with numerous options in colors and styles for their clients to choose from.

Some significant features that have contributed to the popularity of Laminate Flooring are:

Easy Installation: Installation of laminate flooring is very simple and easy as compared to any other flooring. It involves setting together several pieces similar to that of a puzzle that come in a lock and groove mechanism, making it easy even for novices to install.

Stain Resistant: Since laminate floorings have a top protective coating, they are resistant to most stains that leaves them looking new and attractive for years.

Durability: The layered compression imparts gigantic strength to laminate floorings that can last you a lifetime.

Fade Resistant: This is also due to the protective layer on top that prevents any harsh element from discoloring the floor that may give it a faded look. This allows the floor to remain looking fresh and good-looking for years together.

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  • Amber Traditional Wood Look by Bruce

  • Antique Hickory Traditional Wood Look by Bruce

  • Details Sale!

    Best Floor 12 mm Gunstock Laminate

    $2.29 $1.29
  • Black Forest Laminate by Bruce

  • Bronzed Jatoba Laminate by Bruce

  • Details Sale! COFFEE-600x600


    $2.49 $1.25
  • Details Sale!

    Laminate Flooring Honey

    $2.49 $1.29
  • Details Sale!


    $2.39 $0.99
  • Details Sale!

    Titanium Collection 12 mm American Walnut

    $2.29 $1.29
  • Details Sale! ANTIQUE CHERRY-600x600

    Titanium Collection 12 mm Antique Cherry

    $2.29 $1.29
  • Details Sale!

    Titanium Collection 12 mm Coffee

    $2.29 $1.29
  • Details Sale! lamivory-600x600

    Titanium Collection 12 mm Ivory

    $2.29 $1.29
  • Details Sale! reclaimed cedar-600x600

    Titanium Collection 12 mm Reclaimed Cedar

    $2.29 $1.29
  • Details Sale!

    Titanium Collection 12 mm Reclaimed Oak

    $2.29 $1.29
  • Details Sale!

    Titanium Collection 12 mm Rich Oak

    $2.29 $1.29


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