Appalachian American Cherry Natural Advantage


Warm and welcoming, American Cherry gives off a distinct aura of class. Freshly cut, the wood is of an orangey cast. However with exposure to sunlight, the tone of the wood will darken to a deeper, more pronounced reddish-brown colour. This sensitivity to light is one of the many charming characteristics of Cherry wood and allows each and every American Cherry floor to evolve, over time, into a unique work of art.

The Advantage grade is designed for those looking for a floor that exhibits more character. The marked contrast between sapwood and heartwood can be observed in the planks and character marks such as mineral streaks and grain pattern variation can be observed.


Latin name – Prunus serotina

Relative hardness – 950

Thickness – 3/4″

Widths available: 2 1/4″; and 3 1/4″

Grades available: Advantage

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