Vienna Oak


The name Vienna, the city that inspired this color, is thought by some to be derived from the Celtic “Windu”, which means bright or fair. Others maintain that name comes from “Vedunia”, meaning “forest stream”. When creating this color, Coswick designers sought to pay tribute to Vienna by bringing together the brightness and beauty of natural wood.

Vienna wide plank flooring comes with factory applied Eco Silk Wax finish. It consists of 2 coats of wax oil that is composed mainly of natural ingredients. Wooden fibres are “soaked” in wax oil, thus protecting them from dirt, dust, moisture etc. Eco Silk Wax forms a very thin, elastic protective film over plank surface, which means that Eco Silk Wax floors are water-repellant as far as water resistance can be achieved. Surfaces with a natural wax finish are able to absorb and give off moisture in the air and thus have a regulatory function.

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