Should you install Hardwood Floors for your kitchen?

The perennial question that haunts house owners, builders and architects alike is whether to install hardwood floors in a kitchen or not. It has baffled many prospective customers and we have many of them even stalling their plans till they come to a decision over hardwood floors in the kitchen.

While there are many reasons why hardwood floors in the kitchen seem troublesome, we bring to you the real picture to help you decide on your kitchen floor.

Many new home owners opt for hardwood floors and insist on installing them in their kitchens too. It helps maintain a homogenous look throughout the house making it look natural and soothing to the eyes. Sometimes, installing different flooring in the kitchen space can also be hazardous as the two planes may differ in height. It poses tripping problems too, especially if there are children and elderly people at home.

As professional flooring installers we are all for hardwood floors in the kitchen, if the user is able to maintain it well. Yes it requires a little more maintenance than laminate or engineered floors but then whoever said natural wood floors do not need a bit of loving?

Hardwood floors look beautiful and lend an elegance that is unmatched in style and sophistication. They are also one of the most eco-friendly choices you will make for your home, besides providing warmth and natural beauty to your home.

The great things about Hardwood flooring

  • Creates an inviting and cozy appearance.
  • Good for people allergic to dust.
  • Maintenance can be kept to a minimum. Mostly dust and go.
  • Lasts for many many years. Once you have installed it, you can forget about it
  • Shoots up the resale value of your home. Real estate dealers always find it easier to sell homes that boast good quality hardwood floors.

But what about kitchen floors?

Most new homes have an open kitchen and the floors from another part of the house flows into the kitchen. This design concept calls for similar floors in all parts of the house to keep the look even. It is but natural that if you have opted for hardwood floors in the rest of the house, you’d want the kitchen to follow suit.

Our advice: GO FOR IT

With a few maintenance tips in mind, you can keep up the free flowing look of your floors including the kitchen.

Just remember:

  • Install a darker shade of hardwood on the kitchen floor like the Ash Rich Oak or the Red Oak Moka. Dark woods don’t show stains easily and are perfect for vulnerable areas like the kitchen and bathroom. They are also good in hiding scratches made by pets and children. And high heels.
  • Regular mopping – Ensure you don’t get lazy while caring for your floors. There is no reason you shouldn’t install these natural beauties in the kitchen if you clean up regularly. Don’t let water stains sit on the floor. They tend to leave behind ugly marks.
  • Areas near the sink and dishwasher are vulnerable to leakage. Place a rug under these installations to soak up water immediately in case of leakage.
  • Prefinished hardwood is a better choice for the kitchen area. Wood flooring in the factory is prefinished with strong chemicals that can withstand water stains better, and are easier to clean. The chemical coatings also keep the wood looking new for longer periods of time. And they are scratch and abrasion resistant too.

Go ahead and install that wonderful hardwood flooring in your kitchen today. With a little bit of caring, you will get beautiful floors that transform the look and feel of your entire home and also keep looking new for decades.

Do you feel up to installing hardwood floors in your kitchen? Let us know if you want to install hardwood floors in your kitchen.

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