Types of Hardwood for Domestic Purposes

Hardwood flooring is a very popular choice amongst homeowners all across the North American continent. There are various types of hardwood flooring available that are made from different species of wood, each with its own characteristics. Each of these woods vary in look, texture, density, color, etc. giving home owners the option to choose according to their existing furniture and rest of the interior. Some woods are also artificially stained to attain an enhanced look, better than the natural form. Let us look at a few of these popular choices of woods and understand how they differ from one another.

red oak chocolate

  • Oak

This wood usually comes in red and white versions and is perhaps the most popular choice for floors of homes. Red Oak has moderate to heavy graining with moderate color variations that ranges from light creamy reddish pinks to shades of browns. White Oak has shades of golden brown with gray undertones. White Oak is extremely durable and has linear graining. It tends to add a traditional look to wherever it is installed.

  • Maple

Flooring made from maple wood is pale, creamy white in color that might be a shade or two darker or lighter that varies from board to board. This wood contains brownish to blackish streak with light graining giving it a characteristic look different from the rest. Maple wood is very hard and needs to be conditioned before use. The graining creates straight lines or curly patterns uniformly. ‘Birdseye’ graining that resembles small eyes is quite common in maple wood.

  • Birch

This usually has two variations – yellow and red. Red birch is the heartwood stock of the birch tree while the yellow one is the sapwood portion of the tree. Red birch is golden brown with red undertones while the yellow one is creamy white with yellow undertones. The wood has very fine graining and sometimes may not have any at all giving it a clear look.

  • Walnut

This wood is also known as Black Walnut or American Walnut and has a rich chocolate brown color. Fine straight graining gives it vertical designs which can also have knots and other variations as an exception. This type of hardwood flooring is very hard and durable and is recommended for high traffic areas in the house. The other reason why it is preferred by home owners is that adds warmth to the atmosphere.

  • Yellow Pine

This is a very soft wood and has medium to large knots. This is more preferred in country homes rather than urban spaces. It is not very durable and is sensitive to weather changes hence not a very popular option.

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