Why Carpet Pads?

People spend a good amount of time, money and energy in choosing the right carpet for their homes and offices but spare little thought into carpet pads, overlooking its importance. A common reason for this approach is that people do not realize the difference between carpets and carpet pads and think them to be probably the same. Whenever you are planning to install a carpet it is important that you understand the importance of carpet pads and what they actually are and invest in them as well.

Carpet pads are place beneath the carpets for various reasons. They are made from different materials like foam, fiber, rubber etc. They form a protective layer between the carpet and concrete. Installing a carpet directly on the concrete is a bad idea for several reasons.

Here is why carpet pads are a must:

  1. Carpet pads help sound proof your space. They help to absorb more sound making the atmosphere noiseless and peaceful.
  2. Carpet pads help protect the carpet making it last longer than usual because carpet pads prevent moisture, germs, dust, etc. to get on to the carpet as these go down to the carpet pads where they settle. A carpet in direct contact with concrete will wear out much earlier than one with a carpet pad.
  3. Carpet pads help to keep the carpet cleaner because most of the dust and grime moves from the carpet to space between the carpet and the carpet pad.
  4. Carpet pads make walking, sitting on the carpet much more comfortable as they act as a cushion beneath the carpet rendering the surface soft to walk on.
  5. Carpet pads act as insulators, making the room warmer and helping to maintain temperatures.
  6. Carpet pads give a fuller appearance to carpets making them look better and thicker giving it a plush look.

Now that we have read about the advantages of carpet pads, we need to know how often it needs to be replaced. Most people are under the notion that carpet pads need not be replaced at all since they are not directly exposed to dust, grime and friction from walking. But the fact is that every time you replace a carpet, you need to replace the carpet pad too as these are absorbers of all kinds of things. Also a carpet pad may wear out faster than the carpet itself.

As mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of carpet pads that are made from foam, rubber, fiber, etc. belonging to various price brackets. Foam carpet pads are made from foam scraps derived from various sources like manufacturers, car seats, etc. Rubber carpet pads also come in different versions and are the best form of carpet pads. These offer maximum durability and are biodegradable in nature making them eco-friendly. Fibers and micro-fibers are also used to make carpet pads. Fiber carpet pads are made either from synthetic or natural fibers and can vary in density.

While choosing carpet pads you need to bear in mind those rooms with heavy traffic like hallway, entrance, living room, reception in case of offices, etc. need carpet pads with higher density as compared to areas like bedrooms or study. Also cheap or low priced carpet pads are way less durable than the ones that are comparatively expensive. Opting for inexpensive versions do not guarantee durability and wear out fast harming the carpet in the process.

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